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Duchess of Cambridge Ducks Duke’s Dosa!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting India this month and recently attended a business meeting in Mumbai with a group of young entrepreneurs.

They were shown a ‘dosamatic’, a new machine capable of making dosas, pancakes and even omelettes invented by a company from Bangalore.  Prince William wanted to have a go and so was shown how to pour the batter onto the machine’s hotplate.

Once it was cooked, he successfully rolled it and took a tentative bite.  “Delicious”, he is reported as saying.


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The Different Breeds of Bread!

One of the joys of Indian food is the different varieties of flatbread that are served as an accompaniment.  Here is a brief run down on some of the more popular ones:

•Chapati – an unleavened flatbread, also known as roti.

Naan or Nan – oven baked leavened flatbread.

Papdum – thin and crisp, made from fried, seasoned dough.

•Paratha – pan fried unleavened flatbread that is crispy and flaky.

•Poori – pan fried unleavened flatbread.


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Indian Vegetarian Food – a Taste of Tradition!

There are many reasons for adopting a vegetarian diet.  Some people oppose eating meat because of their respect for sentient life.  This can be a result of religious beliefs or respect for animal rights.  Others adopt vegetarianism for health, political or economic reasons or simply for personal preference.

The earliest records of vegetarianism come from the 7th Century BCE Indus Valley Civilisation, based around the Indus River which flowed through northwest India and eastern Pakistan.  The Indus Valley Civilisation was acknowledged as one of the three major ancient civilisations, alongside Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.


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Flood Relief – Curries to Cumbria!

The north of Britain and Scotland were hit by devastating flooding over the holiday period.  The good news has been the way people have rallied round to assist those most badly affected, effectively rebutting the myth of broken Britain.

Much of the support came from the local community but aid was forthcoming from all over the country. 


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Made in the UK - Indian Food Record Breakers!

No doubt some of you will be receiving the traditional Xmas gift of the latest edition of The Guinness Book of Records.  Here are a few concerning Indian food:

Largest Naan Bread - the largest naan bread in the world was created in July this year.  A team of firefighters got together with two local restaurants in Hampshire to create a naan 3.79m long and 1.4m wide.  It weighed a whopping 26kg.

Highest Poppadom Stack – Manchester curry chef Nahim Aslam put together the largest stack of poppadoms at the Indian Ocean restaurant in March 2011.  It was measured at 1.57m tall and contained no fewer than 1,075 poppadoms.