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Leftover Curry a Hit with Brits!

In a recent survey carried out by Mission Deli Wraps, curry came out as a clear winner when Brits were asked which foods tasted better the next day.  No less than 33% of those surveyed chose curry.  Second and third choices were two traditional British dishes, the casserole and roast meat.

Spaghetti Bolognese, pizza, chili con carne and sausages were others that made it onto the list of winners.

Perhaps unsurprisingly sushi, chicken nuggets, burgers and Yorkshire puddings were the least likely to be eaten the following day.


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Hot Curry Combats Bowel Cancer!

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests that a chemical compound found in spicy curries could prevent the risk of developing bowel cancer.

Capsaicin, which gives chilli peppers their heat, was given to mice by scientists.  It triggered a pain receptor in cells in the lining of the intestines which resulted in a reaction reducing the likelihood of developing colorectal tumours.  It was found to extend the life of the subject mice by up to 30%.

Six Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Indian Food!

Indian food has long been recognised as one of the UK’s favourite meals, either home-made, take away or at a restaurant.  However, here are some facts that you may not be aware of:

1.The word “curry” is rarely used to describe a dish in India.  The huge diversity of dishes are often known by their ingredients and/or locale

2.The twenty-eight different regions of India all have contrasting ways of cooking and use different ingredients.  In the north of the country, for example, there is a tendency to produce less spicy dishes, incorporating red and green chillies and yoghurt.  In the south fish dishes are more often seen and mustard is a common ingredient.

Why Indian Food Tastes So Good – Scientifically Proven

A group of scientific researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Jodhpur have examined the ingredients of some 2,500 Indian recipes to try and establish what makes them taste so different to Western dishes. The answer lies in the fact that Indian dishes have much less sharing of flavours when compared to Western meals.

To take a simple example, a typical English dish of roast beef will often be paired with a pint of bitter beer.  This combination provides a distinct, unified taste with the flavours overlapping.


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Would you like wine with your Indian meal?

Sacrilege!  For many the only possible liquid accompaniment for a hot, spicy curry is lager.  There is no reason why this should be the case, however.  The spices in most curries, such as red and green chillies, ginger, cumin, turmeric and garam masala, are all compatible with a good wine.  

Fiona Beckett is a multi-award winning food and wine writer, Guardian columnist and author of 23 books on food, wine and beer.  Whilst she agrees that lager may be the perfect companion for a fiercely hot curry, she argues that the subtler kind of dish deserves a good wine.